3 days Betting Streak Bonus

3 days Betting Streak Bonus

1. The preferential applies to all the games.

 2. All the members are entitled to the preferential.

 3. Effective amount bet for single day: RM888

 4. You are entitled to participate once you reach effective amount bet in consecutive 3 days.

Eligible MemberDaily Valid BetAmountRequirementsBonusTurnover
All memberRM 888Fulfil daily bet amount for all 3 days of the weekRM 38X3

 5. Any betting position or betting from two sides will not be included in any requirement for conversion, never be regarded as effective betting or counted in statement multiple.

 6. Any of the members who have had a second cheat will be excluded from all promotional activities and listed in blacklist.

 When any individual/team/organization is suspected of swindling/abusing dividends by dishonest manners or fraudulent conduct,

 we have right to freeze its relevant profits and balance once it's verified.

 7. The preference cannot be shared with other preferential.

 8. After gaining preference, in the event of not meeting the requirements of withdrawal within 7 days, all the principal and dividends will be withheld.

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