Live Casino Welcome Bonus 100% Up to RM300

Live Casino Welcome Bonus 100% Up to RM300

 1. Each of new members can apply for only once.

 2. The lower limit of deposit is RM30.

 3. All members from VVCasino are eligible for this promotion with a maximum bonus of RM300.

 4. Member's Rollerover must be 25 times the sum of amount [Deposit & Bonus] deposit plus bonus in order to withdraw.

 Please see the following example:

RM 300 RM 300 X25 RM 15,000

 5. Each account can only apply for the preference for only once. If it's found that anyone maliciously applies for multiple times, the company will cancel its preference.

 6. Any of the members who have had a second cheat will be excluded from all promotional activities and listed in blacklist.

 When any individual/team/organization is suspected of swindling/abusing dividends by dishonest manners or fraudulent conduct,

 we have right to freeze its relevant profits and balance once it's verified.

 7. The preference cannot be shared with other preferential.

 8. After gaining preference, in the event of not meeting the requirements of withdrawal within 7 days, all the principal and dividends will be withheld.

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